Hey There !! We are glad you choose to visit us, We are here to  help you with your online presence and Make it Client appealing and trust worthy. We will help you with digital marketing of your brand and increase the social media marketing appearances for landing more and more clients. We at FerrousMedia have tried to optimize the funnel as much as it is possible so that your prospect converts into a client.


Hey Visitor This is Pranav Jha. I am the Foudner and CEO of this company and Couple of years experience holder in the field of digital marketing. I had always a passion about knowing more and more about social media and how to get more and more traffic on the page. Soon this curiosity turned into a passion when I came to know more about digital marketing from the internet and decided to help other brands to grow on internet, I have worked as a head of Social Media Marketing Company For 2 years and have learnt a few unique tricks to land more leads then rest of the market. The more you can provide free value the more you are comforting the prospect to get converted into a great client Who can work with you with all in.

Our Team


In the Journey of Digital Marketing Services, till now I found some of the amazing teammates like 'Baibhav' who is an expert in handling social media appearances for different brands. Moreover, You will find the best support team ever on the internet. We have Rahul as a copy-writer and Rohit as a brand manager


The ultimate guide to quality score and how it impacts your campaigns

Do you want to generate more ROAS from your Google advertising campaigns? You need to have a full understanding of the Quality Score to launch an effective PPC campaign to promote your business online. So we are going to discuss in depth about the Quality Score and read how it can affect the performance of your PPC campaigns.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords & The Reasons to Focus on Them for SEO

Wondering what long-tail keywords are and where to turn? Then you come to the right article because we are going to discuss long-tail keywords and the reasons why you should focus on SEO. Many people try to target the most popular keywords but remain competitive and find it hard to top the search results. In addition, it is generally unclear what the most popular keywords are for generating low quality traffic.

7 Top Websites Where You Can Get Royalty-Free Digital Marketing Images

If you're looking for a list of websites to get royalty-free digital marketing images, come here and don't worry because the list of top websites you can get royalty-free images has been compiled. After reading this, be sure to check them out. People get bored reading long text stuff with no pictures. Using images in your content will make it more attractive and readable. Additionally, it helps you to easily convey the desired message to the reader.

Most People Often Get Confused with The Terms CPV & CPM

Many people are often confused by the terms CPV and CPM. Depending on the goals of the advertising campaign, some choose CPV and some CPM as their bidding strategy. If you're on Google Advertising, you need to know the exact differences so that you can use them based on the goals of the advertising campaign. Cost Per Impression (CPM) is the place where you pay 1000 impressions to Google. 


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