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Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies That Can Grow Your Business in 2020

In the modern world we live in, everything is going digital because of technological advances. Almost every business comes online to reach people who spend their time on online platforms such as blogs, youtube, social media, etc. and try to get customers for your business, which includes your competitors.

Digital marketing strategies can help you increase your brand awareness and reach potential customers of your business who are using online platforms. You can generate leads or sales for your business with better returns on investment than traditional offline marketing strategies.

Not everyone can succeed in achieving their goals to gain customers without an effective digital marketing strategy implemented in a planned and effective manner. Not only that, you must regularly monitor and evaluate the performance of your strategies to improve your business goals to achieve them faster.

Before we dive deeper and discuss digital marketing strategies, you need to define the following:

1. Buyer Persona:

It is important to create a buyer personality before planning any type of digital marketing strategy. You need to pay attention to all the details, such as the age, gender and other demographics of potential customers.

Also, it helps you choose the right marketing strategy for your business so you don't waste your money online trying to make it available to everyone. For example, if your target audience is female, reaching out to male audiences with paid advertising will have no benefit, resulting in unnecessary advertising costs. I also uploaded a YouTube video regarding the buyer.

2. Brand Identity:

Every brand should have a logo, unique selling proposition (USP), mission statement, brand voice, and so on. Defining and preparing them all will make it easier to launch marketing campaigns that will reach your target audience. And you can build your brand.

Once you have defined and crafted your buyer's personality and brand identity, you should seek digital marketing strategies from experienced marketers like Sambal Vatsa our CSO at I share some effective digital marketing strategies that can be used to influence your online marketing platform.

3. Content Marketing:

Content marketing is the best way to reach the target audience that can engage and build your brand. Content can be like a blog post or video or podcast episode.

When you focus on creating information and useful content, remember that the purpose of creating is not just to sell the products or services of your business, but to attract more people.

For example, if you have a bakery business, you can produce a wide variety of bakery products such as cakes, muffins, etc. Bakery lovers will be interested in knowing and ordering from you.

This way you can engage them without promoting your business, building trust and generating revenue. Content marketing strategy should be used to achieve results on a long-term basis while taking time. But you can get leads or sales with a good ROI because conversion rates are higher than paid advertising where you have to spend money.

4. PPC Marketing:

Pay Per Click Marketing An effective marketing strategy when you need to achieve marketing goals in a short period of time. For every click marketing campaign you pay for search engines or other platforms that you plan to run.

The interesting thing is that instead of paying to display them, you can only pay for clicks, thus giving you a better return on advertising cost (ROAS). Search engine advertising is used based on search queries, so it has a high potential to reach the target customer and is therefore a cost effective strategy.

Google is the largest username that a search engine has, and with Google Ads, you can start advertising to generate leads or sales for your brand, which is very important if you're just getting started.

5. Search Engine Optimization:

Search engines like Google, Bing, etc. are used by people to find out more about something. When a user types in their search queries, the keyword is the most relevant result according to the search engine.

Search engine optimization is a method used to achieve high rankings and achieve high rankings on search engine result pages. As long as your pages rank, you can systematically receive traffic to your website, convert from your customers to contact details, or sell products or services online.

6. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a proven best marketing strategy to generate the best ROI. You can increase your existing customers or potential customers by email and encourage them to get in touch with your brand.

The most important thing is that you can segment customers based on their activity, such as link clicks, and send different emails based on their actions using triggers. As with content marketing, you should focus on providing less information with less publicity, otherwise they won't open your emails or even spam.

7. Social Media Marketing:

Millions of people around the world use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, so every brand must have its presence on all platforms to reach customers who use it.

The key to driving the best ROI from social media marketing is to focus on the right social media platforms for your target audience. Creating a social media content calendar and sharing valuable content encourages followers to connect with customers and convert them. You can also create leads for the right action.

Stories on social media platforms Facebook and Instagram can also be used to generate leads for your business.

8. Video Marketing:

With proper YouTube SEO, video marketing can help you reach more audiences when publishing on a video platform like YouTube. You can create a variety of video content, such as product demo videos, backstage, introduction videos, etc., which will help you reach audiences across both video platforms and social media.

Keep in mind that video, like content in search engines, has a large audience, and you can generate leads or sales using video marketing.

9. Moment Marketing:

Moment marketing can help attract the attention of people who go viral and get more engaged with your brand. You need to build content around that information based on the trending news in the world, so that your audience can relate to the trending news and become viral and ultimately help your brand grow organically.

For example, Zomato's customer ordered food and made a ticktack video with a viral delivery boy. Zomato promptly replaced the profile photo of their social profiles with delivery photos and attracted many to stay in touch with their brand.

10. Voice Search Optimization:

Voice searches are increasing rapidly. With many voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, etc., people are trying to search, just talking search queries is definitely different from regular searches.

Therefore, it is important to optimize your website for voice search, especially since the most frequently asked questions are usually snippets in search engines.

11. Messenger Marketing:

There are millions of people who use Messenger on their devices to communicate with others. So open rates are higher than email and they are more likely to make more business out of it.

Messenger Broadcasting can help you easily send messages to thousands of subscribers with just a few clicks. When someone visits your Facebook page and sends you a message, you can automatically reply to them using Messenger bots so that they don't have to wait for you to reply manually, and they become subscribers, engaging and changing your content. In your customer.

Conclusion: Digital Marketing Strategies 2020

Every brand that plans to grow in this modern world, they need to promote their brand online. Effective digital marketing strategies that are planned and executed properly can help you achieve great results with good return on investment. You need to choose the right marketing channel and focus on the target audience, marketing budget.

With over 7+ years of experience with hundreds of business owners over the years, I can design and implement the best strategies to help you achieve cost-effective results for your business. If you are planning and implementing digital marketing strategies for your business, do not hesitate to contact.

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