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Most People Often Get Confused with The Terms CPV & CPM

Many people are often confused by the terms CPV and CPM. Depending on the goals of the advertising campaign, some choose CPV and some CPM as their bidding strategy. If you're on Google Advertising, you need to know the exact differences so that you can use them based on the goals of the advertising campaign.

Cost Per Impression (CPM) is the place where you pay 1000 impressions to Google. CPM is a type of CPV, but here you are not charged for personal viewing. Choosing and advertising CPM is the best option when your goal is to increase brand awareness without having to drive traffic to your store or website through video advertising alone. With CPM you are able to reach more people.

Cost Expense (CPV) is useful when you want to increase brand awareness and take specific action, such as link clicks that pay for their interactions with your video ad. CPC is cheaper than traditional CPC advertising, so it is. The best option is when you want to raise awareness and bring traffic to your website or store.

Finally, depending on whether or not you want to get those campaigns, CPV and CPM are best used. Make good use of both of these as bidding strategies in your campaign and find out who is most effective in getting the best results for your business within a certain amount of budget.

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